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Often when we think of fabulous parties, we think of our favorite restaurant, the venue where our best friend held their wedding reception in or the local park which always seems to be hosting a reunion or birthday party. However, we often forget the most important venue of all, OUR HOME. Our #ItsOkToCelebrateSeries is back to remind you that with what you have at home already and a few fun additions, anything is possible.

Sunday Brunch is a favorite pastime for many. It’s an opportunity to catch up with friends. So why not host brunch at home?

Using our Blush Mikela linen and yummy treats from Soiree catering, this living room was transformed into the most exclusive brunch spot that everyone will want reservations at.

Our Water Shantung napkins help pull the blue tones out of the linen. White plates added a fresh, clean look to the tablescape. Finally, the Champagne was the perfect shade of Pink for popping to complete this look.

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