This look is meant to bring to mind ultimate glamour and glitz. The linens used evoke scenes from old Hollywood and dramatic dressing rooms of past. Picture an actress circa the 50’s arriving home to her extravagant abode in the Hollywood hills. The materials are lush, the accents are shiny, and the lines in the furniture demand your attention. There is nothing laid back or down to earth here.

To copy this look, go for the metallics, velvets, and hot pinks. Choose furniture with bold curves and attention grabbing finishes, such as leather and velvet.

Now throw on your most lavish outfit, pour yourself a cocktail, and join the party.

Click the links below to view additional details on each linen and furniture piece:


1. Fuchsia Crinkle 2. Black & Silver Chainlink Reversible 3. Raspberry Pompeii 4. Platinum Circles 5. Fuchsia Edmonton 6. Silver Marquee 7. Fuchsia/Lodi Willow Reversible 8. White Fur 9. Mini Koi Sequin 10. Fuchsia Circles 11. Ivory Stein 12. Watermelon Crinkle 13. Silver Ribbon Rose 14. Champagne Gold Sequin


1. Simone Sofa 2. Metropolitan Bench 3. Bubble Side Tables 4. Gold Tripod Lamp 5. White Shag Rug